From stakeholder experience to effective decisions

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The core of our approach is combining visual representations of a problem space, using these to conduct small-group interviews with stakeholders and subject matter experts (SMEs) to capture the drivers, priorities and constraints of decisions in different scenarios, and then applying this understanding to create different types of tools to generate evidence on different courses of action.

Examples of the types of decision tools were have created include:

  • Visualisations of how the flow of information leads to operational decisions, in order to prioritise investment in different C4ISTAR research programmes
  • Models to simulate different aspects of defence logistics, from the strategic base, across the strategic coupling bridge, into operational theatres (in the land, air, sea and joint domains), in order to identify bottlenecks or the benefits of different types of technology, process or doctrinal interventions
  • Decision-aides regarding strategic-transport decisions, planning the set-up of tactical bases, coordinating maritime logistics movement
  • Decision-algorithms for automated maritime Anti-Air Warfare systems

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