What we do

Evidence Base


We build AI applications to provide clients with the evidence they need to make investments in resources and capability

  • Automation of the collection and analysis of narrative post-deployment interviews
  • Using AI to predict and prioritise property maintenance job re-calls


We design AI for when a decision is so important that the reasons need to be justified

  • Surface vessel anomaly detection with explanations
  • Maritime Air Defence decision advice and automation



Our AI learns how people learn from their past experiences to maximise the effectiveness of our clients’ decisions about their people or their competitors

  • AI to inform career management based on past performance
  • Learning the experiences that the adversary has had which will affect their decisions

Problem Solving


When data is either unavailable or qualitative/narrative, we find ways to solve problems

  • Extracting key information from narratives for wargaming
  • Building AI Expert Systems for Maritime air defence

Awarded at Defence Information 2019


Novel AI Wargaming 2019

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